Happiness Right Where You Are

It has been nearly three weeks since I arrived back at my home in Florida, and I am loving every second of it! I've been running around so much, moving in, and trying to keep up with work that I've barely had time to breath, but that doesn't mean I haven't made time for some … Continue reading Happiness Right Where You Are

I Left My Heart in Four Cities

Today's challenge was to write about the city you live in. I absolutely adore the city I live in, however, over the past four years I have lived in four different cities - all of which hold wonderfully special places in my heart. Just as my hometown grew me into the person I am today, … Continue reading I Left My Heart in Four Cities

“From the Day We Arrive [at Disney]…”

And at last I have arrived in Florida, preparing to begin my summer working for Walt Disney World, and doing ministry with Cru! It took weeks of preparing myself mentally and spiritually, and it all climaxed the morning I traveled to Florida. The day started with a text at 4:30 AM from my airline, "Your … Continue reading “From the Day We Arrive [at Disney]…”

Thankfulness in Berlin

And so we have made it. My final weekend trip of study abroad. It didn't feel so final while I was there, probably because I was so eager to go home in two weeks, and I was missing Thanksgiving to be in Germany, but looking back on it, there was something final about it. So … Continue reading Thankfulness in Berlin

A Literary’s Dream (Or Scotland)

Going to Scotland was one of the best choices of my life. I made the decision to go at the spur of a moment on a group trip to Spain when my friends spontaneously planned the trip and invited me. Little did I know that this short trip with a random group of people would … Continue reading A Literary’s Dream (Or Scotland)