Have Courage

So, if you've known me for more than five seconds you know I'm a Christian. My whole being, all the way to my core is in love with Jesus, so when writing a post about a Core Value I'm grateful for, what else would I write about but Jesus? However, Christianity is such a big … Continue reading Have Courage



This week's topic is gratitude for something you've created. There's not much I've created in my lifetime. I try to be crafty (the artsy kind, not the evil villain kind), but there's just not a lot I've really done. But one thing I have created is this blog. Guys. I am so freaking proud of … Continue reading Apostellomai

The Best Gift I’ve Ever Recieved

I love gifts. I love giving them and getting them, Christmas and birthdays are two of my favorite things. However, I think the best present in the world are the small, spontaneous ones that you know will mean the world to you. That's why one of my favorite gifts I've ever received is a care … Continue reading The Best Gift I’ve Ever Recieved

I’ll Surf ’till the Sun Sets Beyond the Horizon

So, a metaphor we use for teaching our students on the Disney Summer Mission is ‘big wave surfing.’ We compare learning to surf to learning how to do evangelism. Evangelism, just like surfing requires a lot of faith and trust (and maybe a bit of spiritual pixi dust). I don’t know how many of you … Continue reading I’ll Surf ’till the Sun Sets Beyond the Horizon

“The Dream that I Wish [Has] Come True”

There are not words to describe the incredible joy God has brought me through the Walt Disney World Summer Mission. I am still astounded at the many incredible things He has done this summer. I had so much anxiety going into this mission over whether I would make friends, whether I would grow spiritually, whether … Continue reading “The Dream that I Wish [Has] Come True”