Happiness Right Where You Are

It has been nearly three weeks since I arrived back at my home in Florida, and I am loving every second of it! I've been running around so much, moving in, and trying to keep up with work that I've barely had time to breath, but that doesn't mean I haven't made time for some … Continue reading Happiness Right Where You Are


So This is Love

Everybody loves a good proposal story, right? Or at least dreams of the coolest way they could possibly get proposed to? If you’re like me, getting proposed to at Disney World would be the best and most magical way to spend the most romantic moment in my life. I’m not sure if I’ll get proposed … Continue reading So This is Love

Do As Dreamers Do

Today's post is about something I'm looking forward to. I promised a big announcement so... I'm going back to Disney World!!! I know, it's a shocker, right? I never talk about Disney on this blog. But guys, I am so excited to go back to Disney and work there for longer than two months. This … Continue reading Do As Dreamers Do


This post's topic is not even on the Gratitude Challenge list, but May is Celiac Disease Awareness month, so I'm going to write about being gluten-intolerant. Let me start my clarifying that eating gluten-free by choice, and eating gluten-free because a person is gluten-intolerant or has Celiac Disease is not the same thing. Gluten is … Continue reading #AllergyPride