The Next Step

I'm not going to lie, adjusting back to America was difficult. There are many nights when I am completely lost in thought about England because the longing to go back is so intense. I want to walk walk the streets of Oxford one more time, get a coffee from Green's Cafe, stop by Oxfam, and … Continue reading The Next Step


The Study Abroad Experience

Well, its been about a month since I've gotten back from Great Britain, and I can honestly say I miss it. I loved being home with my family and seeing them again, but I must say there were a lot of times when I sat around my house wondering where all my healthy non-GMO food … Continue reading The Study Abroad Experience

Thankfulness in Berlin

And so we have made it. My final weekend trip of study abroad. It didn't feel so final while I was there, probably because I was so eager to go home in two weeks, and I was missing Thanksgiving to be in Germany, but looking back on it, there was something final about it. So … Continue reading Thankfulness in Berlin

A Literary’s Dream (Or Scotland)

Going to Scotland was one of the best choices of my life. I made the decision to go on a spur of a moment, when my friends spontaneously planned the trip and invited me. Little did I know that this short trip with a random group of people would be one of my favorites. We … Continue reading A Literary’s Dream (Or Scotland)

Amour España!

Oh Espania, how wonderful you have been to me. Your cobblestone streets, your beautiful views of mountains in the distance, your siestas and laid back culture have all contributed to a wonderful vacation away from school. Every city I visited at one point felt like my favorite. The first city, Girona, was so lovely and … Continue reading Amour España!