A Healing Wander

Sometimes a vacation is needed. It's no secret that things have been hard since I moved back to Texas from Florida. I've been in both places for so long now that honestly both of them are my home. A friend sent me a quote the other day that said "You will never be completely at … Continue reading A Healing Wander


Self Care

One month later and I'm finally sitting down to write my first blog post on happiness. Guys, it's been a crazy busy, emotional, stress-filled, wonderful month. I had the pleasure of watching the two people I've known the longest get married a week apart. Standing next to your sister one week and your childhood best … Continue reading Self Care

On Being a Neighbor

This is not a political blog. I didn’t start this blog to shape opinions or change how people think. This blog was started to share my stories.  But some things are more important. Like standing up for what you believe in. So that’s what I’m doing today. I’m adding my voice to those who oppose … Continue reading On Being a Neighbor

Do As Dreamers Do

Today's post is about something I'm looking forward to. I promised a big announcement so... I'm going back to Disney World!!! I know, it's a shocker, right? I never talk about Disney on this blog. But guys, I am so excited to go back to Disney and work there for longer than two months. This … Continue reading Do As Dreamers Do

Lamenting Amidst Gratitude

Okay, so I was supposed to write about a person who inspired me, and that was totally what I planned to do. I was going to write about Leslie Knope. She's funny, she knows how to fight for what she wants, and she's a great friend. But instead I want to talk about (surprise) Disney … Continue reading Lamenting Amidst Gratitude