Apostellomai- (Greek) I am sent

Acts 17 says God has appointed specific times and places for us to walk the Earth, that we might reach out and find Him. I am just a child following God where He sends me around the world, working to bring others toward His love and purpose.

Just a writer and recent college graduate looking to share thoughts on life with the world. Stories are what make the human existence so important, and I strive to feature my most important stories and memoirs for everyone to share in, and (hopefully) learn from. Starting with a mission trip to Thailand, I cover where God’s taken me from there, to Study Abroad, to Disney World(!) and to what He’s teaching me now that life’s moving a little slower. I look forward to learning and growing on this crazy journey called life, and watching my followers grow along with me!

Comment and let me know what some of your interests are! If you love Jesus, traveling, learning, or geeky TV shows, chances are you and I will soon be internet best friends.

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