Today’s post is about something I’m looking forward to. I promised a big announcement so…

I’m going back to Disney World!!!

fb5I know, it’s a shocker, right? I never talk about Disney on this blog. But guys, I am so excited to go back to Disney and work there for longer than two months. This time, rather than going for a summer mission trip and picking up shifts when I can, I will be participating in Disney’s College Program. (I know I graduated six months ago, but you can still participate up to a semester after you graduate!) I’m so excited for all the experiences I will glean, and more importantly, I’m excited to continue to be part of what God is doing in Florida!

This is not my first time applying to the Disney College Program. I actually thought I would be going back to Disney World in January right after I graduated from college. I applied last fall and waited and waited to hear from Disney. When I finally received the email from them that I hadn’t been accepted I was devastated. I had been so sure this was what God had in store for me, and I didn’t know where I was supposed to go next.fb7

Fortunately God was full of grace (as He always is) and offered me a time of peace at home in Texas. I got a job, lived with my parents, and was able to spend the semester saving up some money. I was able to be close to all of my friends at ACU and participate in my occasions and showers that I would not have been able to had I been in Florida. Not only that, I found a wonderful church who took me in and accepted me, and had many co-workers who were the breath of fresh air I needed in my life. I grew and changed so much in this period of time, but now I’m ready to spread my wings and fly.

About a month from now I will be driving into Orlando, and moving into an apartment with my friend Miranda. I am beyond excited to reconnect with her and all my other friends I left behind in Orlando. I’ll be back working in merchandise through January – they haven’t told me where yet – and then who knows where I’ll go! All I know is I love Disney and I’m excited to be working at a company I love, serving a God I love.


Here’s a list of things I’m overly and irrationally excited about:

  1. Seeing the new firework show
  2. Watching the Festival of Fantasy Parade again
  3. Taking 10,000 castle selfies
  4. Eating the food at Epcot
  5. Getting to go to the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot
  6. Attending as many Not So Scary and Very Merry Christmas parties as I can
  7. Being able to buy a season pass to Universal Studios
  8. Seeing all my friends again
  9. Meeting internet friends who I know from Twitter but have never actually met
  10. Living with Miranda
  11. Going to Disney World as much as possible
  13. Eating at Pinocchio’s Village Haus
  14. Resort hopping
  15. Being close to the beach
  16. SO many more things that I’d write but then this list would never end

I have so many memories at Disney World, and it has impacted the person I am in so many ways. Disney has taught me to believe in magic, never grow up, make a wish and do as dreamers do, and find my happily ever after. Going back there is a dream come true, and even though so many of the friends I’ve made there have come and gone, I know I will meet so many more incredible people and make new memories.





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