You know how all adults complain about their jobs?

I’m literally constantly complaining about my job and the guests I have to deal with. Just check out my twitter.

But in all honesty, my new job has been so much fun, and has been such a growing opportunity for me. I applied for the job back in November when I was going through my “Oh Crap I’m Graduating, What Do I Do Next” phase. I really enjoyed working at Disney, so I thought I’d try my hand at more hospitality. It had nothing to do with my Bible major, but finding a good job in ministry right off the bat was proving harder than I thought.

I didn’t even think I really wanted this job. All I really wanted was to go back home to Disney World. I prayed and prayed for my dream of going back to be true, but God had other plans. He made me take this job instead.

And I’m so grateful for it. 

The team I work with here is amazing. They encourage me to grow and succeed, and push me to do the best I can because they know I’m capable. I even got lucky enough to have a manager who’s one of the strongest Christians I’ve ever met. From day one, because of the way she talked to me about the Lord, I knew God had me at this hotel for a reason. We’ve had so many great conversations about God, how much He loves us, and all the great things He has planned for our lives.

I’m also glad to be getting experience in such a small hotel. I know the owner personally. I know the sales director. I’ve cleaned rooms, fixed billing issues, worked hard to sell out rooms, and so much more on top of the job I was expecting. Checking people in is fun, and I love getting to meet so many people, but the experience I’m getting beyond customer service is going to help me with so much more later in life (don’t ask me how, I haven’t figured that out yet).

So yes, I complain about annoying guests all the time. If you’ve ever worked it retail, food, or hospitality, you know people are the worst. But they can also be the best. Some days, I get yelled at by three different guests and I want to cry. But other days, I do the simplest of things for a guest and they are so genuinely thankful for it. Yesterday I had a long conversation with three precious children who had just had the time of their lives at the aquarium. Those days are the times I remind myself why I got into this business. I love helping people. I want to make their vacations, or business travels, or sports tournaments as fun as possible. No other industry would give me the pleasure of meeting so many different people from so many different walks of life. So, while I doubt I’ll be at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites for the rest of my life, I’m so grateful for the time I’ve had here and all the ways I’ve grown.


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