I have very few hobbies because I have such little spare time. I love photography, and I love blogging, but there’s not a whole lot else I have time for. So writing a post about my hobbies sounded really hard…until I remembered my hobby as a semi-professional nerd.

This weekend, I went up to Abilene for my best friend’s Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party. Guys. I did not realize how much I missed Abilene or needed to be around my best friends again until we were at the shower (half an hour late as one of the hosts, oops) and all began talking. I forgot how much I love my Abilene community and how, well, nerdy we are. We literally spent the first half of Emilee’s shower talking about our nerdy interests.

It started with a discussion of Supernatural (as per usual), and spiraled on from there. We talked about our favorite characters, our favorite actors, which superheros were the best, and which CW character we would marry if we had the chance (almost all of us said Jensen Ackles). Once the debate of which nerdy thing was the best calmed down, someone made the mistake of asking for book suggestions, and that started a whole new round of frenzied suggestions on what book to read, what was good, and I swear my reading list grew a mile longer.

Being a nerd has always been part of who I am. I’ve loved reading books since I was a child, and I became easily obsessed with character’s lives. Harry Potter was my gateway into the book World of Nerds. A few years later Doctor Who became my gateway into the TV World of Nerds. Iron Man was my gateway into the superhero World of Nerds and, well you get my point. Anytime I find a person who shares even the slightest interest in any one of the thousands of fandoms I’m in, an immediate friendship is started.

Maybe it’s weird that I’m a nerd. But I think John Green puts it best:

Image result for john green vlog
This is the man who said this.

“Nerds like us are allowed to be unironically enthusiastic about stuff… Nerds are allowed to love stuff, like jump-up-and-down-in-the-chair-can’t-control-yourself love it… When people call people nerds, mostly what they’re saying is ‘you like stuff.’ Which is just not a good insult at all. Like, ‘you are too enthusiastic about the miracle of human consciousness’.”

I love that I get overly enthusiastic about the things I love. I’m ecstatic that most of my friendships were built on mutual jumping up and down excitment about something. I love that my best friends and I can literally sit and talk for hours about people and worlds that don’t  exist because we just freaking LOVE it.

Most of all, I’m glad that my weekend in Abilene reminded me of that. It reminded me that my life is built on books, and quotes, and TV shows. It’s built on falling in love with characters that, even though they’re fictional, feel so real to us because of what they portray about life. I love that I have friends who appreciate that. I wouldn’t give up the nerd side of me for anything in the world.


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