So, I’m a very sentimental person. I don’t like to think I’m materialistic, but SO many things I own have sentimental value. I tried really hard to pick a favorite, but I can’t. So, here or my top four favorite possessions that I would save in a fire:

  1. My Journalling Bible – I had seen Bible journals online from time to time, but never thought to start my own until this past summer on a mission trip. I got to Orlando a couple days early and had the pleasure of staying with one of the leaders and their family. My first morning there they got up early and the mom, along with her two daughters, were eating breakfast and putting watercolor all over their Bibles while talking about Jesus. Never have I seen such a beautiful picture of a family bonding. In that moment I fell in love with Bible Jounalling (despite the fact that I had never done it). So I naturally immediately texted my mom and told her I needed to do it. Guess what I got for my 22nd birthday? Since then, my Bible Journal has been a way that I have better connected with God, gone deeper into His Word, and in a lot of ways I can see my growth through it. Sure it’d be easy enough to replace after a fire, but my creations and growth would be something lost forever.
  2. My Camera – Junior year of high school I realized I really loved photography. I took a photojournalism class, and the moment a DSLR camera touched my hands and I began to use it (once they taught me how, those things are tricky!), I knew it was something I wanted to continue to use. That summer I splurged and bought my own DSLR to use in my Art Photography class senior year. Since then, my camera has travel to New York, Europe, Disney World, and several other places with me. It’s captured several precious moments, and my photography is still a skill I want to continue to develop. (Haha get it, develop like film??) I have dreams of one day owning a photography business and capturing other people’s precious memories as well. I might not be the best yet, but I have plenty of time to learn.
  3. My Fujifilm Instax Mini – I’m lazy and call this my Polaroid, even though I know that’s a brand. But seriously, I love this camera so much. I spent about a year wanting one before I actually got it. I have a weak spot for nostalgic things, and think polaroids (or, instant pictures) are super artsy. My camera and I started our journey together at Disney World (surprise), and have since been to several Alpha Kai events, and captured some of the most special moments of my life. I love how cute the pictures look, and to be honest, shaking them to make the picture develop is one of my favorite things. I love this camera, and hope to have many more adventures with it.
  4. Every Picture I’ve Ever Taken – Okay, so this might be a little unrealistic considering I’ve taken a lot of pictures, and I don’t actually know where they all are right now… But goshdarnit I would try! They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, but I would take it a step further and say a picture’s worth a thousand emotions. The memories captured in my pictures, both instant and digitally printed, hold so many emotions in them. I love looking back on the things I’ve done, the places I’ve gone, and the beautiful people I shared each of those moments with. I wouldn’t want to lose any of those moments, not for the world.

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