Several topics of the 52 Weeks of Gratitude List involve the weather. The first one is Spring, but obviously it is still February, and (depending on where you live) still winter. The fact that I’m already to Gratitude about Spring probably has to do with the fact that I’m going through the list twice as fast as you’re supposed to, and the fact that I’ve skipped a couple here and there that seemed repetitive. However, since I will not still be doing the Gratitude Challenge when winter makes it’s way to Texas at the end of the year, I’ve decided to go out of order and give thanks for winter now. Especially since a cold front just came through and it actually feels like winter again here.

  1. Sweaters – I. Love. Sweaters. Sorry to be that stereotypical white girl, but sweaters are actually the most comfortable clothing on the planet. I love the feeling of putting an oversized sweater on with some yoga pants, and snuggling up under a blanket to read a book or watch Netflix. They’re perfect for lounging around the house in, or wearing out with a pair of boots. I know it sounds silly, but in summer, I really, really miss my sweaters.
  2. Warm Beverages – If you’ve read my blog before you know I’m more than a little addicted to coffee. I like that winter gives me the excuse to drink an extra cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate just to be warm. Not that I don’t do this in the summer, but in the winter it feels so much more acceptable.
  3. Christmas! – Okay, I recognize that less than a quarter of winter actually consists of celebrating Christmas, and that the holiday we actually just celebrated is Valentine’s Day, but Christmas is my favorite part of winter. I love the lights and decorations, and I love the feeling of love in the air. Not like, the gooey, romantic love that’s in the air on Valentines Day, but the self-less love, the friendly love, the familial love that puts people in the spirit of giving. That’s what Christmas is to me. Every tree, every light, every poinsettia, reminds me that people are in the spirit of giving. It’s like Disney magic, but celebrated all over the earth!
  4. Getting Warm – I hate being cold. Like, so much. I grew up in Texas so sweltering heat and humidity is kind of my thing. You’d think this would make me hate winter, however, the opposite is true. I like bundling up under my coat and scarf (and sweater and coffee cup), braving the cold, and then walking inside to the warmth of the heater. I love the smell of heat. I love the feeling of wrapping myself in a cozy blanket after I’ve been outside awhile. I love the excuse to take a hot shower just to warm up when I’m frigid. I love feeling the heat kick on in my car, and start to thaw me out. I hate the cold. But I love the feeling of warming up.
  5. Snow – Yes I’m from the south, no we don’t actually get snow. But I love the idea of snow. I love watching movies where it snows in the winter because when I go outside it feels like it actually could snow. I love putting fake snow around all of my Christmas decorations so I can pretend I live further north and I’m looking at real snow. I love that when I lived in Abilene it would sometimes snow once a year so I could fulfill my fantasy of playing in it. I love the idea of snow. I love the pictures of it that make winter look so majestic. I have no idea if I would actually love living in a place where it snowed often. But I like to think I would.

So if you made it to the end of this post, congratulations! You made it through my ramble of trying to explain why I love winter so much! What I learned from writing this post is that I really don’t have a good reason to like winter. I think the only good reasons I gave were clothes and warm beverages, and the clothes one was kind of shallow. But, despite the fact that my reasons for liking winter don’t make sense, I’m glad I like it anyway. I’m greatful that I can be forever the optimist and find the small, theoretical reasons to like winter. What are some things you like about winter??


Since it’s been awhile since I’ve given it credit, here’s the link to the gratitude challenge. Please join me in it!


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