Now that I’ve given thanks for so many people, it’s time to give thanks for the little things in life. The small, every day things that I don’t even think about how happy they’re making me as I’m doing them. So here are my top five little things that make me happy:

  1. Cups of Coffee – My morning coffee is a ritual part of my day, and one of the few things I find solace in. A cup of coffee in the morning… or the afternoon… or any other time of day… is such a simple thing, yet it always brings me peace. The warmth of the brew and sweetness of the (probably too much) creamer I add to it put me in a state of bliss. At least, when I’m in an awake enough state to be at bliss. The best thing about coffee is that it can be enjoyed anywhere – my bed, my desk, at a coffee shop, at work – so anywhere I go I can go to that state of bliss with just a sip of coffee.
  2. Spending Time Alone – I’m an introvert, so this one is essential for me. Everyday, the time I get to myself is my chance to breath, to take a step back from the world, and to relax. Whether it comes in my room during the day, in my car at the end of a long shift, or a trip to the store with no one to tote along with me, it’s moments like these that allow me to recharge. Listening to music, shopping, reading my Bible, watching Netflix, whatever I do when I’m alone, small or big, it’s moments like these that prepare me for whatever’s next in life.
  3. Writing – Lately I’ve been getting most of my writing done in my down time at work, so this simple thing is a two-parter. I’m grateful I have down time at work to get to relax (sometimes), and I’m grateful that I’ve been able to get back to my writing. It’s been a very long time since I’ve actually been able to write consistently, and I’m loving that I get to do that now. I’ve learned so much about myself through having this time to focus on the positive things in my life and the journey I’ve been on recently. I’ve really been able to watch myself grow, and I’m loving that I’m going back to participating in my hobbies that got lost in the business of school.
  4. Singing to the Radio on the Way to Work – I’ve recently been harking back to my middle school days by breaking out the Panic! at the Disco CD’s and belting those in the car. I’ve also begun enjoying Twenty-One Pilots more and more, however, my fall backs include Broadway and Disney music. There’s nothing better than singing at the top of your lungs, and releasing all your pent-up energy into the car. Also, according to the internet (which is 100% reliable) singing is very good for you. It reduces stress, and increases blood circulation (probably from all that extra oxygen you have to inhale). It can also work as an anti-depressant, by releasing endorphins, and also just letting you scream about things on a bad day. No wonder Taylor Swift writes so many break-up songs. So, singing in the car, while a small part of the day, really gets me back on track to loving life.
  5. Snuggling in Bed as I Fall Asleep – There’s no better feeling at the end of a long day, than curling up in your pjs under your warm, snuggly covers, on a soft pillow. I’m like, 98% sure all of you agree with me on this. Honestly, it’s the thought of getting to do that soon that’s getting me through the rest of my day right now. I love being wrapped in 300 blankets and allowing my mind to drift as I fall asleep. It’s like floating away on clouds, and honestly, it’s my favorite time of day. Maybe that makes me a grandma, but I don’t really care. I love bedtime too much. Sleep and comfort are two top priorities in my life, and this simple part of life covers both of those.

I’ve recently started giving thanks for 5 things before I go to bed at night as a way to continue my growth in gratitude. Sometimes they’re big things that happened, but most often they’re the little things, like an extra 20 minutes in bed, or a surprise conversation with an old friend. Too often we forget that it’s the small things in life that make each day great.

Some of the best advice I’ve ever been given is to write down 30 things that bring me joy, and do those things. I’m now offering all of you the same challenge.

Make a list of the simple things in life that make you happy, and make sure they become a priority.

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