As promised, here is a lovely post about a person I admire with my whole heart. I considered doing a person who actually exists, but the more I thought about it, the more there is to love about the head of the Parks and Rec Department of Pawnee. (Not to mention the fact that Leslie Knope is Amy Pohler’s brainchild so this post is basically about my love for Amy, a real human.) So, without further ado, five things I have learned from, and am grateful for about Ms. Knope:

  1. She goes after whatever she’s passionate about. And she’s a feminist. The two go together for her. She will never EVER let the fact that she’s a woman stand between her and her goal. She stands up for herself when she knows she can handle things, and in doing so she takes a stand for all women. She reminds every single person that they can do anything they want if they work hard enough at it. I’ve never even been mildly interested in working for the government. Not even a Parks and Rec department. But Leslie Knope makes me feel like I could run one. She makes me feel like I could be a congresswoman. And have triplets. If your role model doesn’t make you feel like you can do anything you set your mind to, something’s wrong.Image result for reasons to love leslie knope
  2. She’s a phenomenal friend. Ann Perkins is so lucky to have someone as passionate as Leslie for a friend. Even though I don’t understand half the compliments Ann gets from Leslie (and neither does Ann), I wouldn’t mind being called a “poetic, noble land mermaid” from time to time. Not only is Leslie great at complimenting her best friend, she always knows how to give the best sentimental gifts. She cares so much more deeply about people than any  non-fictional person I can think of.Image result for leslie knope ann quotesImage result for leslie knope ann quotes
  3. She loves breakfast food. Really, I could make this all five reasons to love Leslie Knope
    because it’s such a great quality to have. Breakfast food is good anytime in the day. It’s actually better later in the day because then you’re awake enough to enjoy it. But Leslie’s waffle obsession is something I relate to on a deep level. Waffles are great. They’re carbs that you add sugar on top of. What is there not to like about them??why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?   parks and rec: Image result for leslie knope waffles gif
  4. She knows how to encourage herself. She leaves voicemails to remind herself that she’s great. She put a picture of herself on her inspiration wall. Her level of self esteem is amazing, and she’s not afraid to remind herself of that. She’s a fierce woman and if you go up against her she knows she will win. If I cared for myself as well as Leslie cares for herself, I’d be in an awesome place in life. She always makes time for herself.: Image result for leslie knope self inspiration
  5. She’s a great role model. In a world of girls who want to grow up to be a pretty, skinny supermodel-looking celebrity, Leslie Knope teaches little girls that being smart is more important. Going after the things that are important to you is crucial. Being the best friend you can be is the best trait you can have. She’s not afraid to stand up for what she believes in, and she never lets the fact that she’s a woman stand in the way of anything she wants to do. In a world of Barbie dolls, dare to be a Leslie Knope. Image result for reasons to love leslie knope

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