I just HAD to write a second post about the best gift I’ve ever received, because my little (one of the absolute greatest people in the world) knows how to give the best sentimental gifts. She has only been my little for about two and a half months, but she is one of the most important people in my world because she genuinely loves and cares about people.

For my graduation, she put together a beautiful collage of all of my time in the best local img_7848sorority ever. She stalked my Facebook, creeped through all my old pictures, and found the oldest pictures she possibly could of me with humans she’d never even met, and downloaded them all to put in a frame. If that’s not love I don’t know what is.

Let me tell you a thing: graduating is hard.

Leaving behind the entire community of people you love and cherish and being thrust into a world where you know almost no one and have only a vague idea of where you’re going is terrifying. But knowing you have people behind you supporting you, and reminding you of who you are helps. A lot. So a frame filled with memories of a club that played a huge role in building my confidence and making me the person I am today was the perfect going away gift. It was all the memories from 18 months given to me by someone I wouldn’t trade the world for.

So the moral of the post is the same as the last one: Find yourself a Cassi.

Find the person who will listen to you when your day sucks. The person who will genuinely care when you’re hurting. Who will do anything to build you up, even though you’re supposed to be the one building them up. Find a Cassi, and hold onto her, even when you graduate.

PS If you’re curious as to what our friendship is like, these pictures sum it up pretty perfectly.


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