Thank you everyone, for your positive feedback on my first gratitude post! It was definitely difficult to write about, as is today’s post, but in a different way.

You know how it’s really easy to take your parents for granted? Yeah, me too. It’s hard to remember that the people nagging me about what I’m doing next in my life are the people who gave birth to me, let me spit up on them, put up with all my tantrums, and still genuinely care about my well being. So while I know I spent most of last semester taking them for granted and trying to get them off my back (and definitely still do sometimes) here’s me learning to be grateful instead.

I was blessed to be raised by two people who love me so much, and brought me into a relationship with Christ. I’m old enough now to know that this is not the norm for most families. And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a family different from mine, I feel so blessed to have been given what I have. I’ve seen friends with parents who don’t always show love to their children. I’ve watch fights between parent and child where the parent could care less about the child’s happiness as long as they are doing what the parent’s deem correct. I never had that. I had parents who loved and supported me no matter what I was going through.

I mentioned in a previous post being asked incessantly before I graduated what I was doing next. About 98% of those inquiries came from my parents. When I said “I don’t know” I think their faces generally looked something like this:  parks and recreation shocked gross ben wyatt horrified


It freaked them out a bit that I didn’t have a real, official plan, especially since my sister had gone straight to grad school. Not gonna lie, knowing it was freaking my parents out freaked me out too. And then it frustrated me. I’m young! I didn’t need to have my whole life planned out from the moment I was handed my diploma. It was hard for me to understand why they were being uptight about it. But what I slowly realized was, they love me. (Okay I knew that, but I realized it was the contributing factor in this scenario.) It wasn’t that they thought I was a failure in life if I didn’t get a job with a successful upward mobility plan, it wasn’t that they thought God wouldn’t provide for me if I decided to go into ministry and work for a support raised job, it was that they wanted me to do well enough to take care of myself.

It’s easy for a child (in their youth or in their 20’s) to confusing nagging with life lessons. In Modern Family, Claire taught Gloria a valuable lesson: kids are much more likely to listen to you if they’re not you child. However, as we grow and learn the importance of love and parents, it should become easier for us to listen to life lessons from our parents, recognizing that it’s not nagging, it’s love. So thank you, mom and dad, for raising me to be the woman I am, and for continuing to push me to grow more and continue to be self sufficient. Also, thanks for letting me live back at home while I get the details figured out.





(Also, please don’t hold this post over my head or quote it regularly as incentive to do things around the house.)


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