It’s shocking how much can change in a year. As I’ve journeyed back across the country to Florida and spent my first few days on staff with Cru, that’s something I’ve been continually reflecting on. About a week ago I sat in my hotel in the panhandle of Florida, halfway through my 13 hour drive between home and home and read through all my journaled thoughts from the end of last summer.


The growth I have seen since last summer is crazy. I have learned about love, relationships, confidence, being present, and listening to God for my call to ministry. I have learned how t
o love people deeply from afar while still investing in and loving the people around me. Everyone has had a year of such incredible growth , and I have loved watching it all as I remember the impacts those people had on my life. I have no idea what kind of impacts the students this summer will have on my heart, but I am praying for God to prepare my heart to be a good discipler, and to allow me to learn just as much from them as I teach.


After I left my hotel and drove the last six hours to our home for the summer, I couldn’t wait anymore – I immediately had to run to the park to see my little home on Main Street. It was a two day whirlwind of seeing co-workers, reconnecting with Cru student staff, and feeling right at home in my favorite place in the world.

The project actually started on Wednesday, and I immediately fell in love with all the staff women on project. I haven’t been mentored by an actual adult since high school, and I love having four godly women to look up to, and talk to about my faith. I’m making some of the best friends ever, and the students haven’t even arrived yet! They’re coming in later today, and we are all over the moon to meet them!! They better prepare themselves – if I have anything to do with it, this will be the BEST summer of their lives!



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