Magical Memory #4 – It Started with Some Allergies

When meeting 47 new people, it is very important to bond, and what better way to do that than by seeing a movie where dinosaurs eat hundreds of innocent people? So, about three weeks into the summer, that’s exactly what we did. Allergy Pride, in the beginning stages of getting to know each other, went to see Jurassic World with the rest of the Disney Cru. We gave our beautiful friend Ana a ride to the movie, and then once it was over she asked if we could take her to Magic Kingdom to meet up with some friends. Since we had to make the drive anyway, Allergy Pride decided we might as well go in, just for a few minutes.


This is the story of how just a few minutes quickly turned into three hours and flourished into a beautiful friendship.


We began our time in the park, naturally, at the Emporium. We said hi to a few of our co-workers, Reid and Eli got Birthday buttons (thanks to our co-worker Miranda they said “Freak” and “Loser), Lauren and Reid got “Happily Ever After Buttons,” and I ran outside to go watch Celebrate the Magic for the first time. How did I work at DIMG_3190isney World for two weeks without seeing the most magical light show in the world, that projects all of my favorite Disney characters on Cinderella’s castle?? I have no idea. I do know that when I did see it for the first time I sat on the grass (it was the 10:30 time, so basically no one else was watching) with a goofy grin on my face, and that I screamed when Ariel showed up on the castle. It was probably the greatest moment of my life.


After Celebrate the Magic was over, we walked over to Fantasyland to peruse what attractions had the shortest wait times. The winner was Prince Charming’s Carousel, so we headed over and got in line. Let me let you in on a little bit of a Disney secret: Cinderella actually has her IMG_3201copyvery own horse on the carousel. If you ask any cast member who works at the carousel, they can point it out to you, and you get to ride it! So there I was in line, incredibly excited to be able to ride on a real princess’ pony, when suddenly, we got to the front of the line and Eli decided to ask the cast member where Cinderella’s horse was. Before I knew what was happening, Eli had stolen my horse, and I was forced to ride a different pony while the happy child sat smugly on the royal steed. Gentlemen’s tip: if you don’t want to piss a girl off, don’t steal her horse. I actually have no idea how Eli and I are friends after this event, I’m still bitter at him for it.


Anyway, after our carousel ride, Allergy Pride decided to go watch the Electric Parade! We all already had the music memorized from hearing it go by every night (twice a night), and were kind of sick of hearing it, but waving at your favorite characters as they float past you down Main Street never gets old. We waved, we yelled, we danced a little bit, it was a great time. Reid and Lauren even got pointed and laughed at by some of Pinocchio’s donkey friends for wearing Happily Ever After buttons.


After the parade ended, we debated whether or not to head home. After all, we had several 3 AM closing shifts coming up and could have used the sleep. However, as it was so close to closing time, the wait to meet Anna and Elsa was ridiculously short, and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. At 11:50 pm we got in line to meet the queen and her sister. (Did you notice hoIMG_3210w we’re already over an hour past our “just a few minutes”?) We enjoyed looking at all the princess art on the wall, and the time passed quickly before we were escorted into the royal room. This was my first character meeting of the summer, so naturally the fangirl in me went crazy. Elsa stood before me in all her grandeur, and before I could lose my ability to speak before her royal highness, I asked her how Olaf was doing.


“He’s doing well, he really loves the summer!” She replied. “I however, truly miss the winter. Florida is so warm!”


We could tell she was tired from a long day of meeting people, not being the extrovert that Anna was, but she was very composed and elegant as she chatted with us for a moment then smiled for a picture. Next up, Anna! We walked across the room to an also tired, but still very excited princess, and quickly struck up a conveIMG_3211rsation about everything under the sun. We explained to her what Twitter was, make jokes about Reid’s Birkenstocks, and told her what it was like to work at the Emporium. At one point Eli accidently referred to Elsa as a princess, and Anna was very quick to correct him and protect her sister by informing Eli that Elsa was, in fact, a queen. We could have stayed there all night talking to this beautiful and energetic princess, but after being shooed out twice by a character attendant (the first time we were shooed, Anna told the attendant that she was in the middle of a conversation and we couldn’t leave yet!) we finally left Princess Fairytale Hall. We stopped in the Emporium a final time to say good-night and laugh at all our friends who were closing that night (it’s fine, they do that to us on their days off too) before finally heading home and going to bed.


I don’t know if that night truly marks the first night of our grand friendship, but it will always hold a place in my heart for as the first time that Allergy Pride really bonded; the first time a few minutes turned into a few hours, and the first of many casual events that turned into epic adventures featuring some of my favorite people. I am now gearing up to head back to Disney in a few months, but this time without my wonderful carpool group. I know I will miss them dearly, but God is going to teach me so much through my new adventures, and I cannot wait to be back in the place that I call home; the place of so many adventures with such wonderful people. 


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