Magical Memory #3 – The Magical Toe Adventure

It is a truth universally acknowledged that almost every girl in America has a dream of meeting every Disney princess ever. No matter their age. Two or twenty-two, every girl is capable of fangirling at the sight of a Disney princess. So what did Lauren and I decide to do on one of our days off? We went to Epcot to meet all of them! There we were with our work best friend Heather, dressed up in our Disney gear, Mickey Mouse and princess shirts, all excited for a day of international princess meet-and-greets. We rushed into the park, pausing briefly to take a stereotypical picture in front of Spaceship Earth, and walked over to meet the first of the princesses in France.

First up- Princess Aurora! We eagerly got in line to meet her, excitement building, when suddenly, a breeze blew in, and there were scattered raindrops and lightning in the IMG_5895distance. Now, if you’re from Florida, you’re used to the daily rain showers, so we pulled out our rain jackets and made the best of the situation. Aurora,
however, like most princesses, is not from Florida. If the weather gets too bad, she cannot continue her meet-and greets. We were reminded of this multiple times by a character attendant, and we began to get nervous that our day of meeting princesses would come to a swift end. We lucked out, however, the storm quickly blew away and in no time at all we were

Difficult side note – meet and greets with Aurora at Epcot are no longer available.

with Aurora, discussing our ideal princes. True to fashion, the three of us were star struck, and could barely think of words to say to the beautiful princess in front of us. Most of the time we just stood there staring at each other, trying to remind ourselves that this beautiful princess was just a person- but let’s be real, she’s not. She’s a Disney princess.


One princess down, plenty more to go! We began walking further into the World Showcase, checking on meet-and-greet times and line lengths for various princesses. After walking from France, through England, all the way to China, we finally decided it would be best to meet Belle next, back in France. We turned around to do so when suddenly I heard Lauren’s sweet voice behind me- “Ow! Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, I kicked your foot really hard, is it okay?”

“Um, yeah, I barely noticed.” I replied to the girl curled up, holding her toe behind me. “Is your toe okay?”

“Um…yeah, I think so,” so we continued on our way back to meet my second favorite princess in the world – Princess Belle. We got there right after Belle was leaving for a brief break, but here’s an insider secret- that’s often the best time to get there. Lines to meet characters get long quickly, and sometimes if you get there even a few minutes after the character shows up, you won’t get the chance to meet them when they come out. So get in line while it’s short, and wait the 10-15 minutes for the character to come back out.

IMG_5903copyThe weather at this point had changed significantly from the near storm we’d had earlier, and the three of us were sweating profusely as we waited for our princess. At last she arrived and we got to meet her. She asked us all what our favorite books were, and of course, none of us could remember while we were in the presence of this beauty. She told us that her favorite was Romeo and Juliet, and we all agreed that Shakespeare was an excellent writer. With two princess behind us, we attempted to go meet a third, only to be kicked out of line in Morocco because Aladdin and Jasmine were about to leave. After walking miles and miles around the world to meet so many princesses, we realized how incredibly tired we were. At this point, we were walking through Italy, and we looked over and noticed the gorgeous canals of Venice before us, so we decided to stop our hunt for princesses, and go on a romantic date. We gazed upon the waters of Venice, and took a thousand pictures, because what else do you do on romantic dates? Now, I’ve been on plenty of romantic dates in my life (just kidding, I’ve been on none), but this one tops the list:)


IMG_3521Pictures in hand, it was time for Heather to head off to work. We said our good-byes, then Heathe
r walked back to her car, and Lauren and I hopped on the Monorail to Magic Kingdom.  The plan was to meet up with the Allergy Pride boys and our friend Omar, but due to lack of planning and poor communication, this didn’t immediately work out. Instead, Lauren and I decided to continue our romantic date at Pinocchio’s Village Haus. A cute little restaurant behind the castleIMG_5967copy, several Cru people worked at PVH this summer, so as soon as we walked in Lauren and I were greeted with smiling faces. We found a spot to sit on the balcony overlooking Fantasyland, and both got slushies with Mickey stra
ws. Everything was magical for a few minutes, until I came back upstairs with my food to find Lauren showing off her toe to one of our Cast Member friends.IMG_3524

“Do you remember when I kicked you earlier?” Lauren asked me, “It’s kind of been
hurting a lot since then, and l just looked down and it kind of looks bad.” Look bad it did. Purple and blue and swollen, I could not believe Lauren had been walking around on her toe for nearly four hours since she’d kicked me!

“Lauren! Didn’t that hurt??” I screamed at her.

“Well yeah, but I thought I was just being a baby…”

I rolled my eyes and sat back down at our table contemplating what to do. Two of our Cru friends looked at the toe, I called the boys and found out they were getting on a ride, a Cast Member brought us some ice, and finally I decided to take Lauren to First Aid on Main Street. One of the managers at Pinocchio’s was nice enough to bring us a wheelchair, and I called the boys for assistance in bringing her to First Aid.  They had just stepped off Ariel’s ride and were on their way, but rather than wait around for them (they were taking FOREVER) I took matters into my own hand and began pushing Lauren to Main Street.

A few minutes later we arrived and I, flustered, attempted to describe our situation to the RNs at First Aid. Now, while Disney does many things well, for whatever reason on that day the RNs were unhelpful. I was informed that there was no way to tell if the toe was broken, and I practically had to beg for tape and ice. Finally, I began work helping Lauren’s toe while a little boy behind me began throwing up, and the other half of Allergy Pride showed up. There wasn’t much that could be done to make the toe better, but with the four of us together, plus Omar we began to joke around and have a great time. We’d hoped we would be able to relax a bit at first aid before heading back out into the park, but the RNs had other ideas. We were promptly kicked out.

What did we decide to do first with Lauren in her wheelchair? Wheel her through the Emporium and show her off to all our coworkers. Many people immediately stopped what they were doing and consoled her, trying to help us come up with a better story than “Lauren accidentally kicked Angela’s foot while walking.” We came up with everything from fighting the bear on Splash Mountain to save a child, to falling off Space Mountain, to actually getting in a fight with me and kicking me out of spite. Unfortunately, none of them stuck well enough to actually repeatedly tell to people.

Once we were satisfied everyone we worked with had seen Lauren, the boys realized they hadn’t eaten dinner yet, so we walked back over to Pinocchio’s. The boys quickly ordered and ate, while also asking Lauren who was better at pushing her around, and could they please have a turn in her wheelchair? I rolled my eyes while Lauren graciously allowed Reid to wheel himself across the restaurant for a fork. Bellies full, we walked/rolled outside to watch Wishes from a new point of view behind the castle. It was a fun and definitely less crowded viewing area, however the fireworks are meant to be watched in front of the castle.

We contemplated going home at this point, but why would we do that when having a wheelchair is practically like a FastPass? We decided instead to go and watch Mickey’s Philharmagic, a wonderful 3-D show which features Donald Duck borrowing Mickey’s Sorcerer Hat, and promptly getting sucked inside on a magical Disney adventure. We had a glorious time, and once we were done, we decided it would be appropriate to figure how to get Lauren onto the Peter Pan ride. It took a little bit of finagling- the Peter Pan ride doesn’t stop, you have to walk on a conveyor belt and situate yourself in a boat in flight- but we managed to half-carry Lauren safely into a boat, and thus proceeded to fly to Neverland. Two attractions down, one to go! As it was one of Omar’s last nights in the park, and It’s a Small World is his favorite ride (he used to work there), we decided to round out the night sailing around the world in a special handicapped boat. We wheeled Lauren onto the extra-large boat, and situated ourselves around her, bracing ourselves for the overly-repetitive, but classic song.

Satisfied we had taken full advantage of Lauren’s handicap, and because it was getting close to closing time, Allergy Pride said good-night to the park and headed home. Only one problem followed – the wheelchair couldn’t leave the park. We had to drop it off at the main gate, and still walk ALL the way over to where we had parked. Lauren tried to insist on walking, but as she screamed in pain anytime her toe was brushed by a feather, the boys decided to carry her. Was this the best idea in the world? Probably not. Carrying people is hard, and both Reid and Eli almost dropped her in their half of the trip carrying her. Despite all our struggles, however, we made it back to the car and got her safely home.

Following this event, Lauren had to stay home from work for four days because she could barely walk. It was a struggle. Putting up with those crazy boys on my own was hard, and poor Lauren almost went insane staying at home while we all worked. But we made it through! Moral of the story: Try not to break your toe at Disney World.


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