“Whistle While You Work”

So far, most of my blogs posts have been about the people on project, but I have written very little about work. This post, therefore, shall be about my co-workers.

Working at Disney is amazing. They put so much effort into making sure each guest is having a magical day. They really make sure in your training to emphasize the importance of calling each little girl a princess, wishing a happy birthday to anyone wearing a birthday button, and smiling at every guest so they walk away from their vacation feeling important. Does the magic wear off? Yes. It rains, people get grumpy, it’s still a job in merchandise, but when you get stuck door greeting in hundred-degree weather and see Mickey roll by on a parade float, you realize you’ve got things pretty good. My favorite thing to do is ask each guest what they’ve loved most about their day. Answer range from seeing the castle, to riding Space Mountain, to meeting every single princess. And whatever the guest’s favorite moment was becomes my favorite.

Coffee with two of my favorite co-workers!

One of the best parts about working at the Emporium, however, is the people. Just a matter of weeks into the program I had a family of people behind me, helping me figure out the register, joking with me in the break room, and sharing the burden of staying up until 3 AM to close the store with me. I have made so many friends there, and have loved going to get coffee with people outside of work, hanging out at the park with them, and seeing Inside Out with them!

Some of my the best friends I’ve made here, however, are the ones from Spain.  I love hanging out with them and talking to them about their culture, especially since I went to Spain last Fall (see the posts here and here). One night, we were hanging out at the parks together, and out of the blue they offered to make me and my carpool a Spanish dinner! It was a little after 6 by this point, but in Spain dinner is not generally served until 9 or 10 PM, so by the time we actually ate, it was right on time! We headed over to International College Program Housing and met up with our friends who were just getting back from Wal Mart with all the ingredients. While they stood in the kitchen and cooked professionally, we stayed out of the way and tried not to bother them by playing Uno with one of their roommates (and our friend) from Honduras. It took an hour or two for them to make the food, but when they brought it out, it was totally worth it! They had made tortillas de patatas, one of my favorite dishes from my time in Spain last semester! That night was one of my favorite nights on trip, and I have had several amazing nights here! Moral of the story: work at Disney. You’ll probably meet some of the coolest people ever.IMG_3281IMG_3280


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