“A Whole New World!”

Wow, so much has happened in the past two weeks (only two??) since I’ve gotten here. Rather than doing several small posts about various things that have happened, I decided to combine several stories into one blog! Here we go:

  • Our second day here we met in our Discipleship Groups and did something called Soul-to-Souls. Basically what we did was go around the circle and share every struggle we’ve had leading up to this Summer Mission. Yes, it was as scary as it sounds. We had known each other for all of a day and a half and here we were pouring out our hearts to each other! However, when we started I actually really enjoyed it. I love having deep conversations, and hearing about people’s lives. I realized through these Soul-to-Souls that everybody has their own struggles and many of them were very similar to mine. I loved getting to know everybody so well and was having a great time! However, as soon as it came my time to share, it was super nerve-wracking. I didn’t want to share all my struggles; I wanted to rush through and get it over with, and I hoped no one would judge me. I came out of it with mixed feelings, but after weighing them out, I realized that Soul-to-Souls were really great! Everyone on the trip enjoyed it so much that many people (including me and my roommates) decided to do their own Soul-to-Souls in their rooms. I might even bring it back and make my roommates at home to do it!
  • Speaking of roommates, the people I live with here are great!! We all get along really well, and all of us are just as willing to stay back and watch Netflix or hang out with each other as we are to go out and hang out with a big group somewhere. We’ve all gotten to know each other really well through our movie nights and Soul-to-Souls, and each girl is so kind, and a beautiful representation of God’s creation.
  • Most of the rest of the time here has been teaching and training to prepare for evangelism. We’ve even gone out and done some practice. It’s been a little while since I’ve had to do evangelism, and I’ve almost never done it in my home country. Most people here regularly go out and evangelize on their college campuses, however, as I go to a Christian university it’s not really necessary. Getting into practice sharing my faith through Cru has been nerve-wracking, but I’m starting to get back in the rhythm of it.
  • One of the nights the first week we had Women’s Time. I won’t reveal exactly what we did because it’s definitely super-top-secret-for-Cru-women-only, but I will say it was a lot of fun and very empowering. I realized that I am not alone in many of my struggles, and there are always women around me to look out for me if I just look.
  • We met the former Vice-President of Epcot. It was pretty legit.
  • We also got a tour of Cru Headquarters which is here in Orlando. I learned a lot about the company in all it does across the world! It was very exciting:)
  • Almost all of our second week here was training at Disney. Now job training is never exactly fun, but I’m not gonna lie, Disney World training is probably a lot better than most. The people are all friendly, you get a tour of the park (yes, that’s correct, a tour of Magic Kingdom was in my job training), and it’s really interesting learning the high-standards Disney holds itself to. Walt Disney wanted his employees to help his guests be immersed in an excellent experience of a world far away from their troubles, and each Disney Cast Member is a part of this goal. That’s what makes Disney World so magical. It’s hard work, but when you see a kid’s face light up at what they see, it’s worth it.
  • And of course, we have spent A LOT of time inside the various parks. I’ve ridden Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Animal Kingdom’s Safari, Expedition Everest, Tower of Terror, Rockin’ Roller Coaster, and many, many others. One of my favorites is called “Soarin'” in Epcot. It lifts you up and simulates flying across California, complete with wind and smells. Talk about an immersive experience! And of course I’ve become good friends with many fellow Cru-members in the hour-long lines to get into all of these attractions.

So there you have it! I’m having a blast on this trip, and loving (almost) every part of it! Everyone is so friendly, and I know this summer will be great for me!!!


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