The Next Step

I’m not going to lie, adjusting back to America was difficult. There are many nights when I am completely lost in thought about England because the longing to go back is so intense. I want to walk walk the streets of Oxford one more time, get a coffee from Green’s Cafe, stop by Oxfam, and hear the sound of British voices swirling around me. I thought many times about spending the summer on a mission trip in England, scouring the internet for something that would bring me back to my second home, but God had other plans.

As I was reviewing my options for how to serve God and grow spiritually this summer, I needed the place that would intersect most with my needs (a job to sustain a poor college kid, as well as spiritual growth), and God’s need (serving Him through serving humans). The intersection was found through Campus Crusade for Christ’s summer internship at Walt Disney World!

My whole life I have been a Disney fanatic, watching and memorizing every movie Disney every produced, then promptly quoting it to anyone who would listen.. Working at Disney World has been a life-long dream of mine, spending all day everyday experiencing the magic every kid longs for. When I found out Cru had an internship where I could fulfill this dream while being a missionary, I jumped on the chance to apply. When I found out I got in, I couldn’t believe my luck!

Often when we think about telling people the gospel, we imagine ourselves going to other countries, but we forget that America needs to hear the gospel just as much as the rest of the world. While on my summer mission this will be my goal, to tell college students from across America about Jesus Christ and the love he has for them. I know first hand how difficult of a time college is, trying to define who you are and learn what you truly believe regardless of what you were taught. Many college students are in need of hope, and I am beyond excited to be able to offer them this hope, and give them a chance to see the love that God has for them. I plan to use this blog over the summer to keep everyone updated on how things are going and the incredible things that God is teaching me.

As my followers, I would ask you to join me in prayer. I am very nervous about the things I will be required to do this summer – being outgoing has never been my strongest point! I will be going constantly, working late hours, and finding time to build relationships around a full time job and ministry obligations. Pray that God’s Will will happen this summer, and that He will use me for incredible things. I can barely describe my excitement for the summer, I know God has wonderful things planned, and I can’t wait to share them!!


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