My Lips Will Glorify You

“Sing, O barren woman, you who never bore a child;

burst into song, shout for joy you who were never in labor…”

Isaigh 54:1a

You know how Disney princesses always sing everywhere they go and are unrealistically happy all the time? I always thought it wasn’t possible to meet someone like that until I met my best friend HannaKate. She never stops singing and brings a smile into any situation. So, when Isiah 54 came up in the sermon this Sunday and the subject was singing and being joyful I thought, “What a perfect sermon for our friendship!”

But the sermon went deeper than that. We talked about how creation in the Bible is sometimes described as being lyrical or musical, implying that from the beginning of time, we were made with a song in us. If you’ve read The Magician’s Nephew from The Chronicles of Narnia, you know that when Aslan (whom CS Lewis meant to represent God) was creating Narnia, he did it through a most beautiful song. Evidence of this song is also seen in Job and the Psalms when creation is mentioned, and in The Gospel of Luke Jesus declares, “If they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” (19:40) The whole world is a song, constantly glorifying God. God created us to sing back to Him, and if we fail to, the rest of creation will fill our place.

Some of the most beautiful books of the Bible are written as songs. Psalms and Song of Solomon, written by Israel’s two most famous kings are just two examples. We look to these books for inspiration and hope, and live by the lyrics written in them. Why do these words give us so much hope? Perhaps for the same reason most people feel closest to God when they worship through song. When words are flowing and set to a tune, suddenly they make so much more sense. After all, isn’t music what feelings sound like?

So sing people, sing! Even if you suck like me and can’t harmonize with your best friend to save your life! You have a song in your heart and it was put there by the Creator of the Universe! So sing it loud and sing it proud! Let it go, Defy Gravity, Walk Upon the Waves, worship Him however you see fit; but whatever you do, don’t keep silent. Worship and be joyful. Praise God always. For what better way is there to spend your time?


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