A Royally Blessed Day

Most people when they visit Britain, joke with their friends about how they will get to meet the royal family whilst there, but of course, never actually get to meet any of them. My visit to England was unique in that I actually got to see Prince William! And out my bedroom window no less!

The moment of his arrival  had been anticipated for days, and once the morning of the visit arrived, we couldn’t sit still! We were told he would be here around lunchtime (minus Kate because she had acute morning sickness- boo!) so from 11 o’clock on, we were all glued to our back windows, looking across the way to the building Prince William would be opening. Cameras at the ready, we tried in vain to pass the time, but with every slight movement beyond our fence, we all dropped what we were doing to see if it was the prince.

FINALLY, after what felt like an AGONIZING eternity, Prince William walked through the gate, and onto the scene. Paparazzi cameras clicked at lightning speed, right alongside with ours as the DIMG_3640copy2uke of Cambridge strolled by and met the children who were standing outside to greet him. He graciously took the time to talk to several individuals, and even accepted flowers from a little girl on behalf of Kate! Some people may think the monarchs today are pointless, but after seeing the admiration given them by there people, it’s hard for me to share in this sentiment.

The whole scene probably lasted only a minute or two, but they were some of the most exciting moments of my life. I mean, really, whatever happens the rest of my life, I can say I’ve seen a prince! We even got to see him again as he left the building and drove back home! (Unfortunately, no matter how hard I waved, the Prince did not return the gesture.)

After an incredibly eventful afternoon, came the part of my day which, although it might not sound as exciting, holds a special and more dear place in my heart. My two best friends and I walked down the street to the St. Giles Fair together to see what it was like. Honestly, most of it was just loud, crowded, and smoke-filled, but HannaKate and I decided to ride the swings together anyway. We got to see oIMG_1559ver the tops of the buildings, and enjoy the skyline of Oxford at sunset!  Wind whipped past my face as I drank in the sight and tried to capture it all as a mental video. Oxford is beautiful from the ground, but seeing the sun reflect off the tops of the buildings was absolutely stunning.

Feet back on the ground, my best friends and I headed off in search of gelatto to satisfy our bellies, and there in front of MuMu’s cafe came my favorite part of the day. As we sat there eating our gelatto, we shared our struggles with each other, and opened up about the things we were going through. The beauty of friendship is one thing when you’re all laughing and joking around, but it transitions   and goes into something so much deeper and better when you pull out the hard times. A friend that will love you and be there for you while you rant and complain is a rare thing indeed. But lucky me, I found two.

So there you have it. Knowing you’ve met a prince is enough to make any situation better, but knowing you’ve got friends who will be there for you through the ups and downs of life, makes you feel like royalty. And that, my friends, is the true beauty of life. IMG_1561


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