Adventuring in Oxford

Leaves in the air, cold wind on my face, British accents surrounding me as a walk… yeah, I could get used to England.

Every morning, as soon as we get a spare moment, Hannakate and I rush out the door to go explore the city. We’ve looked into shops such as Lush (Bath and Body Works on steroids), Cath Kidston ( the IMG_1486copycutest purses and scarves that are just out of your price range), and Blackwells: one of the largest bookstores in the world. Seriously, this store is separated into three different shops, one of which is three stories high and includes sections of used books, and a Costa Coffe! Basically, if you thought Barnes and Noble and Half Price Books were great,you should spend a day in Blackwells. You will fall in love.

And Blackwells isn’t even the only fantastic book store here! There are multiple in walking distance from my house! Naturally I’ve been into nearly eIMG_1480very single one of them, and so what was my first souvenir from Oxford? Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone of course!

After a morning filled with books, HannaKate and I joined one of our friends from the house and headed a little ways out of the city to a quaint place called Summertown. It’s full of thrift shops with everything you can imagine, and each of us had rather successful trips before popping into Costa Coffee for some rest. We ordered coffee and some pastries (yes, they were gluten-free!), and settled in to make headway on reading for our classes. In that moment, I really sank in and began   to absorb everything that was happening around me. I was drinking coffee, and studying in a British coffee shop! How often in my life will that happen??IMG_1482

Our final adventure of the day to tie everything up, was a run in University Park. It’s full of green grass, lovely trees, and every color of flower you could imagine. Running through the color and chilly breeze was quite the relief from running the hot, sticky, bland Lunsford at home!

Beyond these adventures, the trip has mostly been bonding with the ladies in our group, which has been an adventure of it’s own! Between watching The Fault in Our Stars, playing Cards Against Humanity, and getting into crazy conversations about everyday life, we have made so many inside jokes and memories after just a few days. So, whether I’m on the town, in a coffee shop, or staying in my home, memories to last a lifetime are bound to find me, and I look forward to all the ones to come.


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