We Have Arrived!

Wait, what? We’re here? Yeah, we’re here! Well that was fast! Okay, maybe not the travel part. Long plane rides are always brutal and exhausting. Especially when you’re flying over your destination to haIMG_1463ve a layover before flying back to your destination. But once we arrived and felt the magic of Oxford, all the traveling became SO worth it. 

This city is just as beautiful as i remember it, and it’s so fun to see everything from the perspective of a student who’s living here, not just a tourist passing through for a day. I love feeling likIMG_3380e i already know this place (it’s the only foreign country I’ve been to twice!), but I know I will have to work this trip to not feel superior because I’ve been here before.

I think my favorite part of the day we arrived was cooking my dinner. I have never up until this point bought myself groceries with my own money, and then made a meal with it. I know it sounds cheezy that this should be such a big accomplishment, but for some reason as I left the store to make my dinner, I felt a sense of pride and confidence in myself. Almost like, “Yes, Angela, you ARE an adult. You can do this.”IMG_1466

The other reason dinner was so fun was because I got to know the people on my floor! We all have such different and dynamic personalities, we all just clicked really well with each other. I was nervous about making new friends on this trip, but after meeting them all, it seems like it won’t be much trouble at all! Everyone here wants to make friends and get along with each other, so as I go into this semester, I know that getting to know my floormates will be one of the funnest parts of the trip!  


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