We have now reached the point in the trip where everyone starts to get sick. I woke up with a sore throat, and Tyler and Natalie were both nauseous at breakfast. Natalie told me she felt like she was about to throw up, but like a trooper she and Tyler both came to the university and sat around while the rest of us invited students in the last couple of hours before our party.

At 3, we met up with the sickiIMG_1372es and headed to Number 1 Plaza (which you have to say as Plah-zah, not plaaa-zaa), and began to decorate for the party. We threw up a couple American-style decorations, and once the students started arriving, we introduced them to games such as hot potato, pin the tail on the donkey, and gorilla beats the man. The boys even performed a dance to What Makes You Beautiful! It was so fun, and I loved seeing all the students that came, and talking with them and laughing. They all had a great time,and 12 students came to Christ!!IMG_1389

After the party excitement was over, all the students, staff, and East Asian team members began taking pictures with each other and with us. I had so much fun, and it was an exciting time to realize just how much I had bonded with these beautiful people, and how much I knew I was going to miss them. My friends and I traveled home that day a thousand pictures richer, and with hearts full of love. 

We drove back in a taxi with a Thai person who a certain SOMEONE on the team thought was very attractive. We laughed and talked with them the whole was home, and taught them a little bit of English since this person wasn’t very good at it. This English lesson included the word poop, which now has become an official greeting between this Thai person and our team.

Dinner that evening was late, and small with Natalie in bed, and the rest of us at the hot el restaurant to avoid the drizzling rain. We were all exhausted, but the food was delicious, and we entertained ourselves by ad-libbing lines about mango sticky rice into an intense looking romantic action show that was on.  

I felt the weight of the day as I crawled into my bed, thinking of happy memories and loving friends as I drifted off into my land of dreams. 



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