A World of Food



Breakfast today was P1020028a modge-podge of dragonball Z fruit, long-gones (or woranges according to Rachel- a new, sweet, yummy fruit), and coconut cakes. We walked a long way and found a nice sitting area to enjoy our feast, and had some wonderful time to bond and encourage each other. While we were eating we had our Bible study for the day, which Rachel lead, and when we finished we still had a TON of time before leaving for the university, so we played fishbowl!

Thai Tea


Around 11 we met the rest of our Thai and East Asian friends, and headed out to the freshman campus of the university we had been visiting, driving in the pouring rain. We survived the downpour, and after a quick lunch with a side of Thai Tea (my new favorite beverage), my friends and I met with Thai students who had scarcely been at university for a month. Some spoke no English, and all we could do was invite them to the party we were throwing later in the week, but some of the conversations were very fruitful and we got to bond with those students and come away with new friends.

Mango sticky rice

For dinner, we found a small Chinese restaurant and ate there with the East Asian team. I tried some yummy egg soup, which was very delicious, and then, once we finished, we got to go somewhere and try mango sticky rice!! It is probably the BEST dessert in the world, and tasted simply heavenly to my taste buds. I cannot imagine a better end to a day than to eat mango sticky rice with some of my favorite people; and with a satisfied tummy, I look forward to tomorrow. 


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