The Taste of Eternity


We started off the day with a breakfast of Dragonball Zee fruit, and some yummy iced coffee with a plastic bag handle that SERIOUSLY needs to be implemented in America. 

Food in our bellies, we headed home for our Bible study, which I got to lead! I lead the group through Acts 17, discussing evangelism, and how Paul was willing to engage with anyone around Him, making the gospel relevant to their lives and what they believed. I was even able to bring in some Greek words, and the different impressions they gave that weren’t quite translated into English.P1020017

With Paul’s ministry in mind, we headed out to the university and began talking  with students. Some had difficulty with English, bit one student had a lot of questions, particularly about why bad things happen if it’s not up to individual karma. We did our best to explain that it was a result of a world full of sin, but the girl was not yet ready to understandP1020018

While Natalie, Tyler, and I were having this conversation, the rest of the team was off on an adventure of their own. Somehow they got roped into participating in a freshman orientation game, and were introduced to a giant crowd of students. None of them quite knew what was going on, but they had a fun time participating, and were given fun flower necklaces as part of the game. 

Later that afternoon, we went to a Thai church service, which was surprisingly like an American service!There were colored lights, and a big screen that they projected worship songs onto! We only knew one of the songs they sang, but they had the English translations for their Thai songs, and we did our best to follow along. One of my favorite parts of international travel is hearing everyone worship and pray to God in their heart languages, and this was no exception. There were a total of at least four languages being raised to God, and it was just wonderful to see and reflect on this small taste of eternity that was their on our lips as we joined together in awe of our Savior. , 

After church ended, the Thai staff served dinner, and we got to sit with some members of the Korean team! They were so friendly, and it was a joy to hear about their families, and how much better they like Korean food than Thai food. 

Rho-ti being made

When we finished eating, they guys went off to play soccer, and Natalie, Rachel, and I got to have girl time! It went by quickly, and when the guys got back, we headed out to get Rho-ti (sp??), which is apparently delicious, but not gluten-free:(

We were all exhausted and had almost no idea what was going on, but we had fun none the less, before crawling into bed. 


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