Falling Slowly…into Thailand


My breakfast of coconut cakes and iced coffee

The best food I’ve had so far in Thailand was breakfast today. A street vendor we selling this sweet-smelling, gooey-looking substance that I am calling coconut cakes because, according to my Thai roommate, it is made from coconut milk and sugar (I know, super healthy). In addition to coconut cakes, our team also tried to find bubble tea, but unfortunately it was too early in the morning for bubbles to be made, so I settled for coffee milk tea (which was still SUPER delicious).

After chowing down on breakfast, our team did our daily Bible study, which Tyler lead and guided us through Corinthians. Tyler shared how this summer he was learning about fixing his eyes on heaven and the eternal rewards he would receive when standing at the judgement seat of Christ one day. It was an interesting perspective to look at and focus on as we served God throughout the week. 

For lunch  we met our East Asian friends and went to a marketplace together. I got some rice and chicken, and sat at a table with Rachel and E. It was a fun time to learn about our different cultures, discussing which American TV shows, books, and movies were popular where she was from, such as the Big Bang Theory, Harry Potter, and many others. 

A beautiful part of campus

When finished eating, our groups continued on our way to the university, and began having conversations with students about God, and their beliefs. We shared a popular Campus Crusade for Christ tool called The Four Spiritual Laws (http://www.godlovestheworld.com/), which had been translated into English and Thai so we could guide students who even had very limited English through it. Even though it was our first day sharing and things were a little shaky, we got to share with three students!

We ended the day having dinner at a local restaurant with both of our teams, as well as a Thai girl who was already friends with many of the East Asians, and was very friendly. During the course of dinner we were asked to sing American songs, so Rachel did a powerful rendition of Let it Go, and then asked them if they could sing us some of their songs. 

It’s crazy how open and fun cross-cultural interactions can be! I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much, or felt so much love at once. I can certainly say I feel a connection to these two cultures more deep than I ever thought I would have . 


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