Adjusting to Thailand


Well, after a rough start to the trip with jet lag, heat, and weird rooming situation, I finally started to settle in this morning. We had a Thai fruit for breakfast that was all spiky on the outside, but when peeled it had a consistency similar to a kiwi. We’re not sure what it’s called, but a team member came up with the name “Dragon ball zee fruit” and it’s sticking.

After breakfast, we had some bonding time and read Philippians 2, the theme passage of our trip. It really humbled me, and echoed the thoughts and prayers I was already having, to make this trip not about me, but about unity with God and my team. We finished with a time of prayer and a pact not to complain for the whole week, then played a round of fishbowl.

Around lunch time, the East Asian team we were partnering with this week arrived and we got to meet them! I bonded particularly well with E (yes, this was changed for the internet) because she spoke English so well and was very outgoing. It was fun to learn about her
life and culture, and how she came to know Christ. So far she has been a huge encouragement to both my team and to me.

After lunch we had an orientation session where we met and played games with the East Asian and Thai teams. It was a wonderful time filled with laughing and fellowship. Even though not everyone spoke English, a smile went a long way, and we could all sing the same worship sons in our heart languages.

A few hours later, after a brief beak, we met up with the East Asian team at the campus we are evangelizing to. We broke up into groups and prayer walked around campus. This ended around dinner time, so we went to a local market and bought some food. When dinner finished we began out long walk back to where we’re staying. Luckily there was a smoothie stand on the way, so we kept our energy up with strawberry flavored Thai smoothies!

When we arrived at our temporary homes, we finished our game of fish bowl (a sort of combined catch phrase and charades, good for team bonding), and then crawled our into our separate rooms for showers and bedtime.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about Thailand when we first arrived, but now I can safely say it’s growing on me! The weather feels like my Texas home, and most of the people I’ve met have been very friendly! I look forward to serving God and everybody in Thailand this week, and now I’m ready for a good nights rest!

“Dragon ball zee fruit”

“Strawberry smoothie

The room we had orientation in. It was decorated so fun!!


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