A Word of Prayer

Abba, thank you for a wonderful opportunity to participate in the work you are doing in Thailand. God, it has been so long since I have been immersed in another culture, and I have changed so much since then. I am flying in blind to this country and culture I know nothing of, and I need to lean on you for strength at every minute. So God, I pray for Your desires to be put on my heart. I pray that You will prepare me for the exact circumstances that You have placed ahead of me. Your word says:

“For we are Gods workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works that God prepared in advance for us to do.”

You know exactly what’s coming in Thailand. You know how I will grow and what I will accomplish. Please let this be a time in my life of spiritual renewal and personal growth, so that when I look back on this summer I will remember it as a moment that had a huge impact on me for eternity.

I desire to do your will. Help me to lean into you each and every day no matter how I wake up feeling. If I’m tired, hungry, anxious, homesick, grumpy, or whatever, help me to overcome it. God, you are bigger than any human desire that will pass through my body. You are capable of ridding me of it and turning my focus back on you.

God, when I am sharing your message with the people I come in contact with, give me the words to say, and the courage to say them. Grant me the ability to recognize moments when I can be open, and when to leave after just a planted seed. You know the hearts of each Thai person, and I just pray that you will use me to turn their heart to seek and find your face.

Acts 17:26 says you have determined the dates and places of our existence. Long before I was ever conceived you knew this moment was coming, and I am in awe of that, God. And so I come before You, laying myself down at Your feet, and I surrender myself to you.

I love you Abba. And I look forward to serving you in Thailand.


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